UPS Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

Let Core Power take care of all of your equipment maintenance needs including but not limited to:

UPS, Battery, Generator, ATS, Switchgear, Site Monitoring maintenance, Integrated System, Infrared and Load Bank Testing as well as Battery Replacement.

Power Equipment

Power Equipment

At Core Power we represent the best Power Equipment in the industry.

Ask our Power Equipment experts what piece of equipment is right for you.

Data Center

Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

Core Power offers full engineering solutions for all your critical power needs from conception to completion. 

Contact us today for the solution that is right for you.

About Core Power Inc.

We specialize in the design, construction, testing and maintenance of power and environmental equipment primarily used in data centers and mission critical applications. Our solutions go beyond simply furnishings and installing equipment, we insure the entire infrastructure is designed, tested and operates as an integrated system.

Core Power represents the leading manufacturers in the industry allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of power protection, air conditioning, distribution, and monitoring products.

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