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Power Xpert Insight power management software is the solution for system administrator or facility engineer who needs local or enterprise-wide monitoring of multiple UPSs and/or other power components supporting mission critical applications.

Designed to allow the user to view real-time data, manage events and alarms, and trend historical data on any given UPS in your enterprise. PowerVision goes further than simply reacting to events, it increases system reliability with event trending analysis to help predict and prevent power-related events.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unify and centralize supervision of multiple UPSs and other power protection equipment
  • Sustain premium power performance through enterprise-wide monitoring and real-time alarm management
  • Streamline asset management tasks for all UPSs on a network
  • Be automatically reminded of dates for scheduled maintenance and battery replacement
  • Stay continuously informed of equipment status with online and wireless alarm notification
  • Troubleshoot and predict issues quickly, before they affect performance
  • Protect critical data and applications through graceful shutdown of protected servers
  • Avoid unnecessary shutdowns of servers protected by multiple UPSs
  • Save valuable time and training costs with open communication standards and integration with your existing network and/or building management systems


Power Xpert Insight

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Power Xpert Software comes in two different packages, each one tailored for its own unique application at very affordable prices:

Power Xpert Server Core Class is for businesses that require the monitoring of multiple devices from a centralized server and connects to your existing network can gather alarm/status information from up to 16 different third-party devices though relay contacts. From a single management system, you can monitor many different elements of the electrical distribution and environmental subsystems such as standby generators, automatic transfer switches, fire alarm, leak detection, battery monitoring systems, and air conditioners thereby streamlining total data center management.

Power Xpert Foreseer Class is for businesses that need to monitor large facilities located around the county or around the globe. provides remote monitoring and computer operating system shutdown for multiple single-phase UPSs and three-phase UPSs, from Eaton and others using industry-standard SNMP communications and integration with popular network management systems.