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LanSafe provides an advanced unattended and automatic shutdown of all computer systems, locally and across the network. Designed for mission-critical workstations and servers, LanSafe protects data in the event of an extended power failure.

LanSafe's advanced features include pager or email notification if an alarm situation occurs and SNMP monitoring and management of network UPSs. Using a graphical user interface, system managers can easily select any single UPS, or UPS groups, on the network and customize a range of user programmable options including shutdown parameters, notification methods, battery tests, and resets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Exclusive Stealth Mode Operation enables LanSafe v. 5 to run in the background without visual traces
  • 3-D PowerScope and ControlRoom views eliminate the guesswork from UPS metering and status information
  • History View provides around-the-clock visual representation of the system event log in
    calendar format
  • Automatic Regional Settings Detection enables date, time, temperature and UPS receptacle graphics to be automatically selected according to the operating system's regional settings


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Powerware NetWatch Software

NetWatch Clients UPS software enables users to shutdown a server or workstation and acts as a network-monitoring tool through the Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card that monitors and controls it. During an extended power outage, the SNMP/WEB adapter informs all registered NetWatch Clients that it is time to shut down their respective operating systems, thus preparing them for the removal of AC power. Up to 255 NetWatch Clients can be registered to and controlled by one SNMP/WEB Adapter.