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Core Power is the exclusive representative
for Russelectric in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Jersey, and Delaware
  • Open or closed transition switching
  • Single- and dual-operator models
  • 2-, 3-, and 4-pole configurations 
  • 3 and 30 Cycle Switches Available
  • Simple electrical operator
  • Rapid arc quenching
  • Front accessible wiring
  • Advanced microprocessor-based control system manages all of the operational functions of the automatic transfer switch, including both standard and user-specified optional accessories  
  • UL listed through 4000 amperes
  • IEC certified
  • SCADA capable
RPTCS ATS Control System


  • Standard on all Russelectric automatic transfer switches and bypass/isolation switches, this microprocessor-based system controls all operational functions of the automatic transfer switch, including standard accessories and user-specified optional accessories. 
  • Senses normal and emergency source voltages; indicates ATS position and CPU operation
  • Provides 3-phase over/under voltage, over/under frequency, phase sequence detection, and phase differential monitoring for both normal and emergency sources
  • Controller uses industry-standard open-architecture communications protocol for high-speed serial communications via multidrop connection to other controllers and to master terminal 
  • All control setup information, programs, and calibration data are stored in the unit's nonvolatile memory and saved in the event of a control power interruption
  • Rechargeable NiCad battery provide 5 VDC power to the controller during the engine start timing cycle when no AC or DC power is available
  • Self-diagnostics perform periodic checks of the memory, I/O and communications systems; invoke a software reset if error is detected
  • Watchdog timer circuit invokes hardware reset if program execution exceeds 1.6 seconds 
  • Accessory Setup and Services screen allows accessory installation and changes to system setup, calibration, and diagnostic functions

RPTCS Controls   


  • Open transition switches have quick-break, quick-make, high speed transfer mechanism
  • Positive mechanical interlocking
  • Safe manual operator


  • Multilevel electrical interlocking
  • Selector switch allows open or closed transition switching

3 Cycle ATS  

30 Cycle ATS   


  • Combines all the functions of an automatic transfer switch with the ability to bypass power from the live source to load (if the ATS becomes disabled)
  • Allows ATS to be isolated and deenergized for maintenance, repair, or testing
  • Bypass switch and transfer switch are identical devices with identical construction and electrical ratings
  • True drawout construction allows easy, safe removal of transfer switch without the need for electrical or mechanical operation
  • One- or two-source configurations
  • Overlapping load bypass version -- allows bypass with no load
  • Load-break bypass version -- protects against accidental short circuiting of power sources and features fully mechanical operation.
  • Closed transition automatic transfer operation switches feature overlapping load bypass

3 Cycle Bypass Isolation ATS   

30 Cycle Bypass Isolation ATS   


  • High-speed open transition transfer of electrical loads from normal to emergency source upon a reduction or loss of voltage and retransfer of load when normal power is restored
  • First UL listed medium voltage transfer switch
  • 3-pole construction
  • Adjustable center-off time delay is factory preset to a default of 3 seconds but can be reset in the field via the front panel display and keypad
  • Center-off positioning is ideal for sophisticated load shed control schemes and prevents latch-up of SCR power devices during transfer between asynchronous power sources
  • Electromagnetic linear actuators provide reliable, trouble-free operation
  • Innovative proprietary lifetime arc suppression system minimizes effects of arcing. 
  • Isolated with high dielectric polyester glass insulation throughout
  • Control components and wiring can be replaced without removing the transfer switch from its enclosure

Medium Voltage ATS