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Core Power is the exclusive representative for Eaton in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware!

Custom Configuration - Each PDU can be individually configured to meet your needs for isolation, voltage transformation, and voltage regulation with virtually limitless distribution options.

Space Efficient – The PDU is designed to grow with your facility. Sidecars can be added to the standard cabinet to give you six additional 42-circuit panels or combinations of panels and sub-feed breakers.

Monitoring – The monitor is the designed specifically for nonlinear loads. All analog measurements are sampled at high frequency and displayed as true RMS measurements.



Custom Configuration - The RPP can function as a stand-alone device or as part of an extensive distribution system. You can choose a single input device or dual power feeds to satisfy system redundancy and maintenance requirements.

Space Efficient – The RPP is designed to grow with your facility by adding pole “space” to meet your distribution needs without consuming valuable floor space.

Simplified Expansion - The RPP reduces the length of cable runs between the PDM and the individual loads, optimizes usable floor space, simplifies server consolidation, and meets growth demands of dual cord equipment.

Monitoring – The optional Digital Ammeter that monitors all three phases and neutral currents helps properly balance loads.