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Flexibility and Reliability with Factory-Tested Output Distribution Cables
In 1990, Articles 300-11 and 351-8 of the National Electrical Code were changed and now require that non-UL listed cables be secured to the floor. Core Power's UL listed cables meet or exceed the criteria outlined by UL and the National Electric Code. Please consider the following advantages:

Adapters to enable equipment with disparate input/output receptacles to work together

Jumpers to connect two pieces of equipment without cluttering up the cable arrangement

Splitters to add extra equipment to a UPS or PDU without using ups more outlets

  • Lower cost than cables built by electricians
  • Less on-site labor
  • Greater quality control since each assembly is tested prior to shipment
  • Consistent identification on each end of the cable
  • Matching circuit breaker supplied with each cable assembly
  • Choice of conduit color for fast visual power bus or panel identification