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Core Power is the exclusive representative for Eaton Eaton in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Jersey, and Delaware

Eaton's Unique Features Include:

Sidecar Integrated Accessory Cabinet - BypassLarge 72 dpiPerformance – The Eaton UPSs delivers the industry's best combination of efficiency, input THD, and power factor. The new input circuit design keeps input current THD low and input power factor near unity without compromising efficiency. On the output side, the ultra high speed PWM inverter provides its full rated power to the load whether the load power factor is 0.9 lagging, unity, or 0.9 leading. Eaton UPSs operates at high efficiency of up to 97% which reduces utility cost and extends battery runtimes

Energy Saver System - Get the best possible performance from your Eaton 9390, 93PM or 9395 UPS.  ESS reduces energy consumption, environmental impacts and power costs. Increases efficiency to 99% across all load ranges. Reduces energy costs by up to 7%.  Additional local energy rebates or LEED points available.  ROI of 3 to 7 months vs 1 to 6 years

Scalable / Redundant Capability – Eaton UPSs use patented Hot Sync™ technology so units can easily be paralleled for capacity and redundancy to meet present and future power requirements. Hot Sync™ advanced control technology allows wireless module synchronization and load sharing equally to within +/- 5 percent.

Optimized Battery Performance – Eaton's patented Advanced Battery Management™ technology uses a unique three stage charging technique that significantly extends battery service life and optimizes recharge time, compared to traditional trickle charging. An integrated battery management system tests and monitors battery health and remaining lifetime, and provides advance notification to guide preventive maintenance.

Small Footprint and Easy Installation - Eaton UPSs offers the smallest footprint of any UPS in its class - 35 to 50 percent smaller than competitive units. Cabling can enter the UPS from either the top or bottom of the cabinet to provide easier and Flexible installation. Eaton products provides front panel access for all services and operation, increasing serviceability and reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). The compact Eaton cabinets can be installed against back and side walls.

Eaton 9395 825 kVA-UPSLarge 72 dpi





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