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Core Power and Environment will clean many
different types of rooms including network rooms, computer rooms, server rooms, switch rooms,
colo rooms, and IDF's.

Under Floor Cleaning
We lift panels in a checkerboard pattern, which better maintains plenum flow. We use true Hepa vacuums to trap all dirt under the floor. While under the floor we look for cracks in your sub floor, loose or rusted pedestals, holes in your firewalls, and any bugs /critters you may have. This inspection is an extra service we provide to all of our customers at no additional cost.

Top Of Floor Cleaning
We use a two-step process in cleaning your floor surface. We have a unique way to clean the floor without using much water at all. A small 13" buffer is used to pull dirt from the tile surface and spins at low speeds to avoid static issues. The small buffers allow for ease of control and ability to get into most tight areas. All the chemicals used in your room are Ph neutral to protect your equipment from caustic fumes. Any ramps within your room are cleaned and given a static dissipative finish. The finish is dual purpose. It leaves a great shine and also removes static from anyone walking into the room. VCT floors are cleaned in a similar manner as the raised floors and we use a anti-static wax with a high gloss finish.


Equipment & Work Area Cleaning
We will clean the exterior and tops of all of your cabinets. We do not open a cabinet unless we are given permission to do so. We can clean the cabinet's insides with a two stage portable Hepa vac at an additional cost if necessary. All horizontal surfaces that collect dirt, all work surfaces, chairs, monitors, and keyboards where allowed will be wiped down as well. All glass surfaces within the room are cleaned too. We will use tacky rags in extremely dusty areas to trap as much dirt as possible. If you have carpet within your room, that will be vacuumed as well. Again, all chemicals used are Ph neutral.

Other Services
We provide many other services on top of our superior cleaning maintenance service. We perform dialectic edge trim repair, raised floor panel re-gluing, raised floor and sub floor repair, and firewall integrity repair.