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Core Power's Integrated System Testing ensure that each component of the mission-critical infrastructure performs precisely as prescribed, individually, and as an integrated system.
The objective of Integrated Systems Testing (IST) is to demonstrate and document that the critical systems and equipment installed operate in concert with each other as one reliable and integrated system, based upon customer's operational requirements. IST is also performed to demonstrate system compliance and functionality in regards to engineering specifications, requirements, and design criteria. Successful completion of this Integrated System Testing provides end-users and building owners assurance that their facility will operate as a reliable, integrated system.

The scope of IST includes testing of various systems and equipment considered critical to operations both individual and as integrated system. Equipment generally includes:

  • Main Distribution Switchboards (MDP)
  • Emergency Generator Sets
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
  • Fire Suppression
  • Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC)
  • Leak Detection