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Infrared Thermography is the most important and cost effective measure of any electrical maintenance program. Research shows an average of 400% return on investment for every dollar spent on infrared inspections. A skilled thermographer who has thorough knowledge of electrical construction can detect electrical failures long before any other testing method reducing down time, saving equipment costs and increasing personnel safety.

Infrared thermograpic cameras produce images of invisible infrared or "heat" radiation and provide precise non-contact temperature measurement capabilities. Nearly everything gets hot before it fails, making infrared cameras extremely cost-effective, valuable diagnostic tools in many diverse applications. Finding and fixing a poor electrical connection or overload circuit before a component fails can save you the much greater costs associated with downtime, production losses, power outages, fires and catastrophic failures.

Sample Report

Infrared Thermography has proven to be effective in detecting potentially serious problems
such as:

  • Temperature fluctuation
  • System overloads
  • Loose or corroded electrical connections

  • Bearing degradation and misalignment
  • Deteriorating wire insulation
  • Load current imbalance