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Core Power offers load bank testing as an optional part of our commissioning and maintenance procedures. Standard startup procedures and regular maintenance of UPS and Generator Systems go a long way towards ensuring the integrity and ongoing reliability of a power protection system. However, it is clearly preferable to identify potential weaknesses under controlled conditions. Load bank testing is the certain way of discovering whether all the components of the system will work together and perform as intended if called upon to support a critical load.

Our load bank testing services provide the highest level of confidence in new and existing installations. Load testing serves three important purposes: To prove your system is capable of supporting full rated load, capacity testing your batteries for the specified runtime, and reveal any internal connection issues. You can also augment your load testing with Infrared Scanning to find any "hot-spots" under full load.



Our experienced staff of engineers and field technicians will document and provide the most comprehensive evaluation services in the industry. Core Power can also test any power protection systems, regardless of original manufacturer.