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UPS Monitoring & Management Software

Depending upon your application and its requirements, there are four basic ways to manage and communicate with your UPS:

  1. Single UPS: Network card
    You can usually monitor a single UPS through an optional network card. Our network cards are essentially their own servers, so they record event history, send email and text message alerts, and provide remote access to real-time status. Using a network card is usually the best way to manage one UPS.
  2. Shutdown: Network card and Intelligent Power Protector (IPP)
    If your UPS is protecting servers, you can use our software to schedule safe shutdowns and prevent data loss in the event of a prolonged power outage. For an Eaton UPS with a network card, IPP is the Eaton shutdown agent. IPP communicates directly with the network card (or over USB and serial if needed) to register itself and receive alerts to initiate soft shutdown of your IT systems.
  3. Multiple UPS installations: Network cards and Intelligent Power Manager (IPM)
    For multiple UPSs spread out across a network closet, campus or enterprise, IPM software is designed to aggregate and manage your power devices (both UPSs and network-enabled ePDU products).
  4. Virtualization: Network card and IPM
    IPM is the industry leader integrating power with virtualization platforms. The IPM shutdown agent management enables safe shutdown of virtualized servers—even servers in clusters running vCenter or XenCenter. Live migrations can be triggered to transparently move virtual machines to an available server on the network, for data integrity and zero downtime.

Component Monitoring

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Eaton Power Xpert
Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card Brochure


Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card

The Power Xpert Gateway UPS card brings your Eaton Powerware UPS to your desktop. Monitor and manage your Eaton Powerware UPS remotely through real-time email alarms and data logging. Compatible with Eaton Uninterruptible Power Systems with X-Slot compatibility.

Eaton Modbus Card
Eaton Modbus Card


Eaton Modbus Card UPS Connectivity Device

(Part Number 103005425-5591)
The Eaton Modbus Card is an X-slot UPS connectivity device that provides continuous, reliable and accurate remote monitoring of a UPS system through a Building Management System (BMS) or Industrial Automation System (IAS).

The card provides the means to integrate data from the UPS into the user-provided management system using Modicon‚ Modbus RTU Protocol. Key power quality and UPS status information may be monitored in real-time to aid in the management of the UPS and notification of potential power problems.

Features & Benefits

Includes Modbus Profiler utility, which creates a custom Modbus register map for each UPS
Connects to the network via RS-485 through either an isolated DB-9 port or terminal block
Supports both two-wire and four-wire communication and, with its built-in, user-selectable termination feature, the Modbus Card may be placed at the end of the network
Conforms to the Eaton X-slot standard to supports a variety of UPSs that feature a native X-slot

Eaton Modbus
Expansion Chassis


Expansion Chassis UPS Connectivity Device

(Part Number 05147063)
With the Eaton Expansion Chassis, users may easily configure a UPS-based power management system that supports the chosen network protocol.

The Expansion Chassis is a three-slot power quality peripheral device that expands communication methods for a UPS through its support for X-slot cards. It comes pre-configured with a card that conforms to the Modicon Modbus‚ protocol.

Two additional slots are available for use with any of the following cards:

A ConnectUPS-X SNMP/Web Adapter – monitor via SNMP or the Web
A ConnectUPS-M SNMP Module – monitor via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
A Single Port Serial Card – connect an additional server for monitoring and graceful shutdown
A Multi-Server Card – connect up to three servers for monitoring and graceful shutdown, supports load segment control and RS-232 signals for low battery and AC Fail
A Modbus Card – connect to another Modbus Network, monitor via BMS
The Expansion Chassis and associated cards effectively act as a protocol converter easily integrating the UPS into open architecture management systems. This device may be placed on or close to the associated UPS system using the included mounting feet. The kit includes brackets for rack and wall mounting.

Relay Card
X-Slot Relay Interface Card


X-Slot Relay Interface Card UPS Connectivity Device

(Part Number 1018460)
Communications and control software are at the heart of any reliable power quality solution.

Eaton Relay Interface Cards enable automatic shutdown and network monitoring of UPS system status through a connected computer.

The X-Slot Relay Interface Card is a dedicated adapter that provides the essential dry-contact interface between your Eaton UPS and any relay-connected computer, including the AS/400, as well as a variety of industrial applications. This card is compatible with Eaton UPSs that have X-Slots.

Environmental Monitoring Probe


Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe UPS Connectivity Device

The Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) enables you to remotely monitor environmental conditions as easily as you monitor power conditions. Using a standard Web browser, you can view the ambient temperature and humidity of the remote environment, as well as the status of two additional contact devices, such as a smoke detector or open-door sensor.

Battery Monitoring

Battery Monitoring
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BTECH provides immediate warnings of deterioration and imminent failure of batteries, and identifies any individual battery that exhibits problems—providing a proactive approach to ensuring UPS reliability.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection
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The RLE Leak Detection System provides comprehensive protection against one of the most serious threats to data centers…water! Water intrusion is the most common insurance claim for DP installations.

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