Schneider Galaxy 5000 UL924 UPS (40-100 kVA)

The MGE Galaxy 5000 further enhances the performance and reliability by introducing UL924 listed battery systems for every lighting application.
All systems were UL Witness Tested for compliance with UL 924 criteria for a minimum of 90 minutes of Battery operation with a full load on the UPS. normal and reduced input voltage conditions. All cabinets have the option of stand-alone or adjacent configurations.

  • 90 minute runtime at full load as standard
  • Battery Management System w/Cycle Data Log
  • Bottom Cable Entry (Top Optional)
  • Dry Contacts
  • Event/System Life Cycle Log
  • Four Comm Slots
  • Internal Maintenance Bypass
  • LED Mimic Diagram
  • Low kVAR Input Filter
  • Self Diagnostic System
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